Physicians only

Physicians Only

As physicians, it is our responsibility to find the best treatment regimen for our patients. When it comes to pharmacological therapy, we often have a myriad of drug options that typically all have the same issues which we must carefully consider:

  • Side Effects
  • Drug Interactions
  • Patient Contraindications
  • Safety Profiles
  • Downregulation Issues
  • Addictive / Abuse Potential

Lexium International Solutions

The Leader in Non-Prescription Pharmaceuticals

Lexium International has earned a global reputation as a leader in non-prescription solutions through its’ unparalleled ability to formulate next generation nutritional supplements to assist many of your patients direct needs.  Lexium products have successfully been sold in 47 countries and countless medical offices.


Lexium International Solutions

Prescription drugs have too many side effects and contraindications that put you and your practice at increased risk. Lexium International’s advanced PLUS product line provides direct cash generation for your practice. Your patients can only get our products via physician’s offices – but our products are not a prescription medication or drug. Lexium International products are not billed through insurance – it is provided on a cash pay basis.

With the tremendous amount of cutbacks that have occurred and future ones that are planned; Lexium International provides incredible income generation while providing incredible benefits for your patients.

To find out more about our PLUS product line please fill out this contact form and one of our representatives will contact you.

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