PhenTabz Plus

Lose weight - Feel Great!


PhenTabz Plus is significant weight loss with incredible energy!

PhenTabz Plus™ is a true designer nutritional supplement containing no drugs but can only be sold through medical professionals.  PhenTabz Plus is used in physician offices ranging from plastic surgeons to medical weight loss clinics.

PhenTabz Plus is a non-drug alternative for medical professionals looking to provide a weight loss and appetite suppressant product for their patients.

How does PhenTabz Plus work?

The ingredients in PhenTabz Plus™ work to perform two essential functions. To help increases the body’s mobility of fat while promoting an increased metabolic rate. PhenTabz Plus™ then aids in reducing appetite to ensure patients have control and motivation.

  • PhenTabz Plus is Available Only Through Medical Professionals
  • Most Powerful PhenTabz Formulation Available
  • Not Available Online

PhenTabz Plus™ is clinically designed to:

  • Aid in Appetite Suppression
  • Help Stimulate Metabolism
  • Accelerate Fat Mobilization
  • Promote Weight Every Single Day
  • Lose Body Fat, Not Just Water Retention


Lexium International™ has earned a reputation of designing exceptional products with quality, safety and efficacy as the foundation for each formulation. Twenty five years of continuous evolution and innovation have allowed for the development and subsequent worldwide success of PhenTabz Plus and now non-prescription PhenPlus.

Available through your local physician’s office. If they don’t carry PhenTabz Plus then please ask them to add it to their practice – they will LOVE you for it!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.