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PhenTabz – ADDTabz FAQs

PhenTabz FAQs


What are the ingredients in PhenTabz RX and new PhenTabz?

PhenTabz and PhenTabz RX are the most advanced proprietary formulations currently available for weight loss and appetite suppression. The formulation consists of FDA Approved ingredients proven safe and effective when taken as directed. Our internationally recognized formulations contain only the finest pharmacological actives to provide maximum safe weight loss.

How does PhenTabz RX and PhenTabz work?

The patented ingredients in PhenTabz perform two essential functions. It increases the body’s mobility of fat while increasing metabolic rate. PhenTabz then greatly reduces appetite to ensure patients have control and motivation. The bottom line is that PhenTabz provides consistent significant weight loss and increased energy.

I thought PhenTabz were only available with a prescription?


Our original formula, PhenTabz RX is still available by prescription only. But now, for the first time, we have a non-prescription version available.PhenTabz contains the exact same powerful ingredients as PhenTabz RX, but is a slightly different strength.

How Do I Take PhenTabz™?

PhenTabz™ is best taken on an empty stomach approximately a half-hour before breakfast and again a half-hour before lunch. Because this product could cause sleeplessness, avoid taking a dose late in the day. It is best to take PhenTabz on an empty stomach with a full 8 oz. of water. Doses should never exceed two pills per day.

What are the precautions for PhenTabz RX and PhenTabz?

Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for people under 18 years of age. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or have a known medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or cardiovascular disorder. This product should not be used by individuals taking antidepressants, amphetamines, other weight loss products or medications. This product contains caffeine and should not be used by individuals wishing to eliminate caffeine from their diet. Consult your physician before starting any diet, exercise regimen, if you are on prescription medications or have questions about taking this product.

What are the side effects of PhenTabs RX and PhenTabz ?

The main effects are increased energy and rapid weight loss. Generally you should not experience any adverse side effects. However, on occasion, people may experience side effects such as dry mouth or sleeplessness. If this should occur, please increase the amount of water you consume daily and take the product earlier in the afternoon. It is always recommended to consult your physician before starting any weight loss program – ask your physician if PhenTabz is right for you.


Does ADDTabz™ feel like Adderall when you take it – what should I expect?

If you are used to taking Adderall then you will be very happy to know that most users describe ADDTabz™ as “a very clean Adderall type feeling”. In other words you can expect a very smooth onset that delivers a very hightened sense of energy and focus without (for most) the jittery feelings (jumpy/speedy) or anxiety like feelings that many have experienced with other types of medications. Some people do experience a “euphoirc sense” for awhile. Ampheta-CDP (active compound in ADDTabz™) was specifically designed for enhanced mental performace with the cleanest and calmest delivery to the users. So in basic terms you get the focus and concentration without negative side-effects.

Adderall really helps my ADHD, my friends told me to try ADDTabz™ instead – what dose should I try?

None. If you have a professional/medical diagnosis of ADHD then you should NOT switch medications without first speaking to your medical professional. Adderall is the leading medication for your diagnosed disorder and needs to be taken seriously.


What is the difference between Adderall and ADDTabz™?

Adderall is the world’s leading formulation specifically designed/formulated for the treatment of ADD/ADHD. ADDTabz™ is the world’s leading formulation specifically designed/formulated for enhancing mental performance and cognitive ability. While ADDTabzRX™ is available only though physicians globally; ADDTabz is now available without a script and is perfectly legal in all countries we sell it in (some countries even the non-prescription ADDTabz is considered a controlled substance/drug and thus requires a prescription).

Adderall is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency – is ADDTabz™?

Yes, our formulation puts us in the same category as Adderall in their view. Even though ADDTabz™ doesn’t require a prescription it’s active compound (Ampheta-CDP) is considered to give an unfair advantage in physical energy, focus and concentration to it’s users.

Will ADDTabz™ show up on a drug screen like Adderall would (looking for amphetamine type substances)?

No. ADDTabz™ ingredients are legal in most countries such as the US, Europe, South and Central America etc. So random drug tests are not an issue. Professional athletes or Olympic competitors would need to discuss with their organizations if the use of Ampheta-CDP (active compound in ADDTabz™) is prohibited.

Can I get in trouble or kicked out of school for having ADDTabz™ on me?

No, having ADDTabz™is not like having a prescription drug such as Adderall without a prescription. You could march into class 30 minutes prior to a major exam and put the bottle on our desk and enjoy the exam like never before.


Can I sell some of my ADDTabz™ out of my bottle to friends?

No. Purchasing a non-prescription pharmaceutical like ADDTabz™ requires that you take possession of the product but you are not allowed to sell any part of the bottle to anyone else. Mass distribution of a product in not legal and any user of ADDTabz should have the opportunity to do their own due diligence and understand if ADDTabz is right for them. Ampheta-CDP is a considered the most complex and powerful synthetic/legal amphetamine analog available anywhere in the world.

I heard ADDTabz™ is really helpful for losing weight just like Adderall – what is the best way to take ADDTabz™ for weight loss?

Neither Adderall or ADDTabz were specifically designed for weight loss and that would be considered an “off-label” use of either product and thus not recommended unless prescribed by your physician. ADDTabz™uses Ampheta-CDP as it’s active compound. Ampheta-CDP is the amplified hybrid of Ampheta-HCL. Ampheta-HCL is widely regarded as the most advanced and effective Synthetic Amphetamine (non-prescription pharmaceutical) in the world with use in multiple products sold throughout the globe. The most widely known of these products are the PhenTabz weight loss/appetite suppressant line most recognized as the replacement for Phentermine both available through physician’s as well as the OTC versions. The PhenTabz™ line includes: PhentabzPhenTabz Rx. So for weight loss we recommend the use of PhenTabz™.

Miscellaneous FAQs

Is Lexium International the same company as the United Kingdom Lexium International?

Yes – Lexium International has headquarters in both the United Kingdom as well as the United States. They both are centers of operation, training and management. The majority of actual production is completed in the United States.

I have been receiving PhenTabz RX™ from my doctor, but I am moving to another city – can I send in his prescription and have the RX shipped directly from Lexium International to me?

No – all of Lexium International’s RX versions (PhenTabz RX™PhenTabz Teen RX™ADDTabz RX™InsulTabz RX™) are only available directly through physicians. Direct shipping is not allowed to patients under any circumstances.

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